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We are Affordable Bails New York, Inc. (AB)  with offices in and around New York. AB has the strongest capabilities to execute Bail Bonds and Transfer Bonds.  Our general agent is Surety Corporation of America and our underwriter is American Reliable Insurance Corporation.

Utilizing our capable and knowledgeable network of professionals our reach expands exponentially across almost all the United States including the Island 's of Puerto Rico and Hawaii . This helps families that are most in need of bailing a loved one out of jail in a state other than the one they live in.

Almost no other Bail Bonds entity offers this virtual reach nationally that our BailUSA network offers.

It is rare, if ever, that persons seeking to bail-out a loved one are able to tap into the resources of a company such as ours which has an offering of staff and owners that are real former New York City and Federal law enforcement professionals that work tirelessly to execute a bail for your loved one.

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Simply, we at AB pride ourselves in being able to assist families in need of fast, courteous and honest bail bond service.

When you engage our services, a closely knit bail-team immediately spring into action assisting you to navigate the entire criminal justice process while quickly and efficiently bailing your loved one out of jail.  We even have a detailed network of professional attorney's, mostly former prosecutors, located in each county that can be referred to you upon request.

AB offers a totally Free bail consultation for you and your family. With AB you can be confident that we will always work hard to be there for you, your family and friends in the times you need us the most. Our offices are designed to privately and discreetly handle your personal bail transactions in a clean and comfortable office suite setting. Other so-called bail bonds company's offer a dirty 'check cashing place/bullet proof glass' appearance of the seedy conventional Bail Bondsman.

Simply, in time of crisis selecting the appropriate bail bondsman is a crucial decision that needs to be made in a quite office setting surrounded by level-headed and knowledgeable bail professionals. This support, knowledge and privacy are crucial if a friend or loved one is to be bailed out quickly.

By selecting Affordable Bails New York, Inc. you have made the appropriate decision insuring that a loved one gets the opportunity to be free of jail during criminal proceedings against him/her.   Many different choices and bail bondsmen exist, but only AB will help you in navigating the complicated criminal justice process successfully.

Let Affordable Set You FreeAffordable Bails New York, Inc. has designed this website in order to help you understand the bail process.  You should know that the rule of thumb for bail is around 10% of the bail is the bondsmen's commission. Collateral, which you get back at the end of the case, also needs to be posted. This can be a home, co-op, condominium, land and of course cash. In most cases judges want to see collateral cash equaling to 35-50% of the bail in most jurisdictions. In others jurisdictions a combination of cash and property is required equaling and or exceeding the amount of the bail. Remember that if the conditions of the bail are met and when the case is over collateral is returned to the depositor in its entirety.

Bail bond laws vary from state to state, but allowing Affordable Bail Bonds to help you understand the basic rules regarding posting a bail will help you make a more informed decision when time is a factor.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us toll free immediately at (888) 932-2458

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